Protecting Your Flock from Cold Weather Predators
November 12, 2015

Helping Your Chickens Adjust to Cold Weather

When the weather starts turning colder, many backyard poultry owners wonder if there’s anything they have to do to prepare their chickens for the long winter months.

The best thing you can do is allow your birds to adjust and acclimate naturally to the changing temperature. By letting nature take care of preparing your chickens, they will do just fine acclimating on their own.

We humans love the cooler mornings and warm days of fall. Chickens actually acclimate to changing weather in much the same way. So allow your chicken coop to get cooler at night and for your flock to adjust to the changing temperature.

What about providing a heat source?

Many backyard poultry owners are tempted to add supplemental heat sources to their chicken coop because the temperature inside that coop, even on those cool fall nights, can decrease quite dramatically.

But you should resist that temptation to add any supplemental heat. By allowing your birds to adjust or acclimate to the changing in the temperature on their own, they will prepare themselves for the cool temperatures ahead for the winter season.

Nancy Jefferson
Nancy Jefferson
Nancy is a poultry nutritionist with Kalmbach Feeds with a PhD in food and animal science from West Virginia University. She resides in Crown City, Ohio with her husband John, where they raise beef cattle and keep a flock of backyard chickens. Nancy enjoys watching her chickens scratching and pecking around and collecting fresh eggs to feed to her family. She is a regular contributor to the Feed Your Flocks blog, where she provides tips and information to help backyard poultry owners get the most from their flocks. Read more about Nancy