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Healthier birds lead to healthier families. We believe that’s something worth caring about. Whether you feed a few backyard hens or a barnful of assorted poultry, we’re dedicated to helping you raise the healthiest and happiest birds possible. We share the best backyard poultry tips and information from our own experts and trusted partners, and just really cool stuff we find across the web that’s worth crowing about.

About Kalmbach Feeds

Since 1963, Kalmbach Feeds has been a family-owned company in the business of providing the best animal feed products available to customers across the country. Our experts know what ingredients are right for your animals to keep them healthy and strong, especially our brood of poultry experts – they know their stuff when it comes to chickens. That’s why we offer a variety of all natural products, including poultry feed, starter and layer feeds, to feed your flocks.

What Nutrients are Important to Maintain Feather Growth?

For a chicken that has gone through a molt, regrowing feathers in the winter is extremely important, particularly to help it stay warm. Feathers are produced […]

What’s Going on Inside?

As an egg is sitting in storage there’s a lot that’s happening to it.

How Much Feed Do My Chickens Need?

How do you know if your chickens are eating too much or too little? Backyard chicken flocks have a tendency to become a little bit overweight.